Tyler Martin

Founder, CEO

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Founder, CEO of Turf.ly - Runtastic meets Risk. Winner of MassHack ’14. Tyler is a polymath entrepreneur + designer + coder, blending passions for design, gaming and mapping to build the Turf.ly platform – a casual fitness and local mobile app solution to connect people with their environments and shape lifestyles to prevent heart disease.

He previously founded several other startups include a popular social network for expats in Europe, a social fashion platform, and a novel platform for polygenetic chronic conditions (Curelator.com).

(415) 218-7667

Nicolas Saint-Arnaud


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Nicolas is passionate about helping people change their habits for better overall health. He was at Facebook working on analytics before joining Actigram Labs. Prior he was with Castlight Health and Dabo Health, and founded/sold Perspecta and Amalgama. Nicolas did an MBA at INSEAD and received an engineering degree from MIT Media Lab.

Amar Chitimalli

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Amar is passionate about applying fun to everything, and now helps make Turf.ly fun for fitness enthusiasts and couch potatoes alike. He previously worked on Running with Friends and other AAA titles with multi-million DAUs for Zynga.