Turn Your Next Run into an Epic Game With Turfly

If you’ve been looking for a new way to make running more enjoyable, you’re in luck. Turfly is an app that turns running into an exciting fitness game. Turfly transforms your daily run or walk into an epic turf war between you and your friends. Instead of tracking your running performance, Turfly only pays attention to the fun you’re having on your run.

It’s pretty simple: the app divides your environment into a grid of “turfs,” and every time you run (or walk) through one, you’ll get a point. You can make things more fun by adding friends or other local players to compete with. The ultimate goal? To paint your neighborhood blue by capturing (running through) every turf. By gamifying the experience, this app has the potential to turn even the least motivated exercisers into enthusiastic runners.

Unlike other running apps, Turfly is created as a game of turf wars which can be used anywhere in the world. The app divides your environment into a grid of “turfs”. Each time you walk or explore a turf, you accumulate a point. The more you walk, the more turf you can claim. The main purpose is to paint your neighborhood blue to capture real-life territory, by walking or running through it.

Unlike most other tracking apps, Turfly provides instant feedback on the distance travelled and points earned. And since the level of competition is based on capability, it’s usable to people of all fitness levels. Plus, it allows you to turn your movement into game points. That’s a lot more exciting than eyeing a step number

Part of the fun of social apps such as Swarm by Foursquare, in which users “check in” to businesses and other locales, is ousting a spot’s “mayor,” or most frequent visitor. But because Turfly requires you to walk at least 50 meters inside a turf to earn

Finally, there is Turfly, a new mobile app that has literally gamified the entire planet. The app makers have divided the world into grid squares about the size of a football field and users earn points in friendly competition when they run or walk through each area. Turfly users can also "claim" an area as their own, thus creating rivalries in cities around the globe. World domination awaits.


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